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Handy websites
Job hunting website for Japanese students learning abroad. 2006/03/27 No.96
Tells you what food is good for you, and what's not! Very useful if you want to maintain good health.
2006/02/23 No.95
Blackwell's Online Bookshop
This is a good website to buy textbooks. 2005/09/20 No.56
Space ALC
good japanese-english dictionary 2005/03/27 No.41
It containes almost all of the company/industry/product related information you need. 2005/02/08 No.37
BBC NEWS website. Very timely and informative. 2005/02/08 No.36
A web dictionary. If you look up a word like "ostensible" it not only gives you the meaning, but tells you stories such as "his ostensible purpose was charity and his real purpose was... charity altogehter, yes, he was a good man"
(I made that up).
2005/02/08 No.35 - currency converter
Literally, it does how-many-pounds-does-1-euro-worth kind of calculation. 2005/02/08 No.34
Badger Badger Badger
One of the most useful websites in the whole of western europe. Take a look, it could change the whole universe within your nervous system. 2005/01/24 No.29
It translates webpages automatically.
It has Japanese-English as well. Quite useful.
2004/12/03 No.25
UK NOW/Travel Info
A very thorough website on touring around UK. 2004/09/01 No.21
This is the server I use for my website. 2004/08/29 No.15
If-you-ain't-got-no-money-come-and-book-a-bed-at-our-comfortable-hostels-hurray! kind of website. 2004/08/29 No.12
This is a very useful website, you can pinpoint any location in UK by street names or post codes. 2004/07/15 No.6

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