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Some useful websites for travelling in UK

Avis Rent a Car
rent a car with reasonable price 2004/09/01 No.18
National Rail
You can check the time/fare/route for the rail travel across Britain. It's a really good website. 2004/08/31 No.17
The Chiltern Railways
Cheap travel from London to Birmingham or vice versa. 2004/08/31 No.16
Britrail is a ticket that allows you to travel all around UK for fixed one-off price. UK citizens and persons possessing over 6 month visa cannot buy.
2004/08/29 No.14
Travel West Midlands
This website is extremely useful for looking up the bus routes and tells you where to get on and off and gives you all the fares as well. 2004/07/15 No.4
National Express
If you wanna travel cheap, this is the website for you! 2004/07/15 No.3

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